Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mr. Porcupine

Let's hear it for bath time! Yep, I got a nice long walk yesterday, and since it was just a tad warmer, the road had mud and dirt all over it, and let's just say I was a mess!

But Mom gave me a nice bath (which I really am starting to like), and then Alpha dries me off as much as he can. But you see -- my fur is very long at present (one must keep warm, you know), so it takes a lot of extra effort to get totally dry.

First comes the full body rolls on the towels, You've probably seen movies about this in the past.

Then comes extended froggy legs to get the belly dry. I'm very thorough you know.

Then comes time to fluff up the fur (and shake out any excess water). And that's where Mr. Porcupine comes in. I'd never noticed this before. Must be thanks to Alpha's new camera. Woo hoo.


- Alli - said...

Whoa... what an awesome action shot! That is some long fur! Must have been a really good bath...

Frito said...

Thanks Alli -- I'll tell Alpha you approve of the new camera ;-) 'Course, wouldn't happen without my incredible drying prowess. We make a good team.