Friday, February 02, 2007

Now it's my turn

Stop the presses! This is big! Frito gets his own voice and full editorial control of his blog. Read all about it!

Yes, that's right. In this picture, you can see Alpha and his camera in the shadows, while I am sitting clearly in the sunlight. That's a nice metaphor for this change. I'm coming out of the shadows, so to speak.

Even though Alpha has been faithfully portraying my thoughts on the blog for quite some time, finally the day has come where I get to make my own entries. Really. Check out my profile! I even have my own e-mail address -- how cool is that ;-)

Anyways, it's cool, I'm cute, and I'm ready. Are you? Check out these special feature movies below. They help show just how adorable I can be.

Oh, and thanks to Alpha for all of his work the past year or so, and of course, for the continuing photography. After all, I'm just a dog! You ever try to hold one of those tiny cameras with furry paws? -- ain't gonna happen. Typing is hard enough ;-)


- Alli - said...

You got the dancing part right in his music section but are you sure he "especially likes it" when you start clapping and dancing?? ; ) Also, I believe the movie is Cats and Dogs but I'm sure he thinks it should be called Dogs and Cats so maybe that's what you were thinking. I've thought of a couple things you can add to interests... how about Mr. Squeaky Bone, belly rubs, playing with his Bro, swimming, stalking frogs (Frito Jaws), kitchen clean-up/cooking with the fam, and puppy massages.

Very cute videos by the way!

Frito said...

Good suggestions Alli. I'll get on those right away! Now give us a big smooch! And for you, its Mr. Wiggley Butt!