Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The bathrobe

There was a recent post over at my neighbors blog (Pedro-a-Day) about a bathrobe. Well, you know how competative little dogs can be. You can see above that I got one too.

And although I'm sorry to have to share with you Alpha's early morning photo, I wanted you to see that he got a bathrobe that matched mine as well.

But mine is special. (Actually, both are personalized.) Can you see all the writing my Mom put on the back of my new bathrobe?

Here's a close up for you older folks. No doubting who this bathrobe belongs to. Thanks Mom! I hear Alpha likes his a lot too. And for our neighbors -- we'll just have to have a bathrobe party!


- Alli - said...

What handsome matching outfits! I must say Frito's jacket (and the bathrobe) looks very professional with all it's embroidery. It looks like both the guys like their new presents too!

Frito said...

Alli, that's my bathrobe -- not a jacket. It keeps me warm on those cold morning potty breaks. Same as Alpha. And yes, Mom did a spectacular job. Woo-hoo Mom, way to go!