Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Frontal Attack

Alpha was playing "keep away" with me, and I had to try a different approach to get my toy. So rather than running back and forth to each side, I decided to try a frontal attack (do your recognize Alpha's new bathrobe?). But I got this flash photo taken instead of my toy! Well, eventually, he gave it to me. Alpha is so sneaky, and he'll do anything for a photo.


- Alli - said...

Wow this photo shows off Frito's shaggy side! Hopefully the mobile groomers can clean him up a bit! Nonetheless, he is of course, as always, adorable!

Frito said...

Alli, it's just one of the faces of the amazing Frito Bandito. Don't worry, I'm not that scruffy -- my fluffiness got scrunched between Alpha's legs.