Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let's play some Paw Ball

I talked Alli into playing some "Paw Ball" (which you might know better as soccer). Here you can see I've got control of the ball and am lining up my shot. Check out the concentration in that face!

Sometimes Alli would get the ball and try to score on me. Are you kidding? Check out this save:

And after such a spectacular save -- in fact, the game winning save -- you'll understand if I take a moment for my victory dance, right? It is only to be expected:

That's right -- who's the best -- who's your doggie -- it's Frito-man with the lightening paws and super-quick snout -- uh huh!


- Alli - said...

OMG!!! He is sooooooo adorable! Awesome pictures!

Frito said...

Thanks Alli. We'll let Alpha have about 10% of that credit for his camera, and that leaves about 90% of the credit for my over-the-top cuteness ;-) Sounds about right!