Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's play "Keep Away"

Nah-nah-na-nah-nah, I got it!

Perhaps I should explain. Alpha and Mom and I were playing "Keep Away" the other day. You know how to play, right? One "person" is in the middle, and the other two try to pass the ball to each other, and "keep it away" from the "guy" in the middle.

Well, perhaps you can guess who gets to be in the middle -- that's right, c'est moi. And perhaps you can also see from this picture, and the ones below, exactly who had possession of the ball 90% of the time.

Hey, I got that fair and square -- and you can't have it.

Ha, ha, you're too slow. I got it again!

Hey, I think I'm winning this game!

Face it, neither Alpha nor Mom are any match for the lightening speed of Frito Bandito. So ... nah-nah, there!

1 comment:

- Alli - said...

What a happy boy! I know who I want on my team during any keep away related games!!! Cute pictures : )