Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, since it's Friday and rumor has it that Alpha will be home tomorrow to start posting again, Alli is going to use her last three Frito photos which are unrelated but all cute of course.

The first photo is a picture of Frito strutting his stuff, looks like he could pull off the whole model thing, huh?

The second photo is Frito showing off just how high he can jump. Pretty amazing...although he won't be doing that anymore, right Alpha? ;) (for those of you who missed the injured Frito pics, he tore both of his cruciate ligaments so we don't want to strain his little chicken legs!)

The third and last photo was taken over Christmas break while Alli and Choo were baking and it just goes to show that if there is anything food-related happening, Frito will be there for you no questions asked!

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Frito said...

Alli, you of all people must realize that TGIF can occur on any day. Why? Becuase it stands for Thank God It's Frito!