Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Ice Storm

We've had some "weather" as they say. Rain just at that freezing temperature for about 24 hours. End result: everything was covered in about a half inch of ice. I didn't get out too much then :-( When I tried to walk on the grass, it was like walking on a bed of icicles -- ouch! Alpha actually had to carry me to my woodland potty spots a couple of time.

But here you see me out for a walk after the rain/ice had stopped. That's one of the many trees in our area that have either bent over to the ground, or broken outright. It was pretty wild.

And speaking of wild, here is Alpha trying to navigate his way down the driveway. As you can see, I didn't have any trouble with my 4-paw drive.


- Alli - said...

Wow looks like quite a storm! Frito's handsome icy winterland picture is now my new desktop!

carol said...

Nice picture P-Nut! Frito does know how to pose. Glad you didn't hit the pavement while you were taking the video, but I'm sure Frito would have come to save you.

Frito said...

Hey, don't forget who really derserves the credit for a "good" Frito picture, OK?