Monday, January 29, 2007

Who let the dog *In*?

You've heard the oldie-but-goodie "Who let the dogs out", right? Well, I want to know who let this dog *in*? And what is he doing in my house? I'm not looking real happy here.

The black lab's name is Kaleb, and he belongs to Monica, my trainer. Yep, that's right. Alpha and Mom are working on getting me better socialized with dogs. You see I'm a sweetie, unless of course, there's another strange dog involved. Then I someties lash out irrationally ;-)

But Monica already taught me to sit, stay, and walk nicely, and this time she brought over Kaleb since he's the most mellow thing on 4 legs.

As you can see below, by the end of the session, I'm looking a little more at ease. I think I can get the hang of this. After all, I just love to please!


- Alli - said...

He's not looking very much at ease... after all you let another dog inside his house. I hope Frito got out of this world attention for the rest of the night!!!

Frito said...

Alli, no need to worry. I just need to learn how my family wants me to behave with other dogs. I need to respect them, and the other dogs. I can do this. It will just take a little training and practice.

Oh yeah, I'm also learning the command to lie down. I'm going to be such a smart dog -- well, of course, I already am smart -- soon I'll be able to show you!