Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Look at my new treat!

Well, here was another suggestion from Monica. Alpha and Mom said I had bad breath (can you imagine?) and Monica suggested some chew treats that would work on the tartar on my teeth. It takes a little getting used to because it doesn't just get sucked down like a greenie. But I wasn't getting greenies lately anyways (becuase they were making me cough).

Well, you can see below this really does work on the teeth. I nawed on this one for about an hour (and then I went and hid it -- just like a real bone ;-) They are made out of compressed rawhide. I hope this gets rid of my halitosis.


- Alli - said...

Oh wow...that looks super yummy! And Frito is soooo cute!

Frito said...

Well, super cute kinda goes without saying, but thanks for saying it anyways, Alli.

As for yummy? No, not really. Just leather. I'm actually protesting now. May be good for my teeth, but what exactly, is in it for moi?

We'll see where this all goes.